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"The Joys of Ageing" Cabaret podcast began as an idea to create a live cabaret to address some of the misconceptions about ageing.  Georges River Council funded the project and we intended to perform the show locally and then tour it to various festivals and around the community.  However, covid had another idea.  After more than two years of not being able to rehearse, and with the uncertainty of future outbreaks, we decided to modify the cabaret and create a podcast.  So here it is!

The original script was created by PP Cranney and the choir, and later modified by PP Cranney, Denise Kitching an the choir.  It was recorded in our usual rehearsal space by our Musical Director Christina Mimmocchi who also recorded some choir members in their homes .  Christina then put the podcast together from the various recordings.

We hope it will encourage people to think about ageing in a positive way and consider all the things that they CAN do and enjoy.

We dedicate this project to our dear member Elaine Andrews who passed away recently .  She appears on this podcast and is forever in our hearts.

The Performers:

Elaine Andrews

Helen Breen (solos on "End of the Line")

Gloria Castro

Grace Chang (Mandarin on "Catch the Eels")

Marietta David

Melanie Elms

Mary Garwood

Judith Hassila 

Jean Ho (Mandarin and cucurbit flute on "Catch the Eels"

Georgette Kiosidis

Denise Kitching (Flo)

Lesley McLennan

Alison Miller

Christina Mimmocchi  (Conductor)

Oliva Paredes

June Studdert (Peggy)

Frances Watt

The podcast features the poem "Co=Conspirators" written and read by Alison Miller.


Cabaret (Fred Ebb with a bit of tinkering by PP Cranney)

Ne Me Demandez Pas (Christina Mimmocchi, based on a quote from Victor Hugo)

Enjoy Yourself (Carol Sigman)

En Kväll i Juni (Lasse Berghagen with an English translation by Judith Hassila)

Physio (which bears some resemblance to Physical by Stephen Kipner and Terry Shaddick)

End of the Line (Bob Dylan , George Harrison , Jeff Lynne , Roy Orbison , Tom Petty)

Catch the Eels (traditional)

Las Panaderas (traditional)

Sing (And Tell the Blues So Long) (Johnny O'Keefe)

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