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Our reportoire includes songs from around the world (including in English!).  Recent songs include:

Past Life Melodies (excerpt) – Sarah Hopkins

Round and Round – trad., translated into Swedish by Judith Hassila

Buffalo Stone - PP Cranney/CM Mimmocchi

Aleksandrinke PP Cranney/CM Mimmocchi

Summertime –Gershwin/Hayward/Hayward/Gershwin, translated into Mauritian Creole by Georgette Kiosidis.

Descendants of Dragon – Dejian, arr. C. Mimmocchi

d’Tigeas a Damhsa – trad. Irish

Gracias a la Vida – Violeta Parra

Amulet - PP Cranney/CM Mimmocchi

Odyssey – PP Cranney/Thedeorakis

One Voice – C Mimmocchi

Hear is a link to our COVID-19 Recovery video. This video was made with a grant from Georges River Council. It is also a 'promo' for our upcoming show which we hope to perform in October 2021:
Here are some of our members with our guest conductor Yvette Staelens from England.
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